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Buying New Car Mats?

Here's Our Guide To Choosing The Right Car Mats For 2022

Buying Car Mats can be difficult, so why not let us help? There might be several questions you need to ask yourself before you finally commit to your purchase. As the UK's biggest and longest running Car Mat manufacturer, we literally have everything covered, especially your floor wells! Whatever your requirements, we will have the correct make, model and year, we'll also have your preferred material, colour combination and more.

Step 1: Finding Car Mats That Fit...perfectly may we add!

There are a number of ways that will assist you in finding the correct car mats for your vehicle. We would advise using our brand new 'search by registration' feature which can be found on the home page, or by using the main 'search bar' at the top of every page. Simply enter your vehicle registration and click search. It will then return a full list of compatible car mats, boot liners, bumper protectors and more, each perfectly tailored to fit your make, model and year.

Step 2: Choosing Your Car Mat Material...carpet or rubber?

So we've found the correct fitting car mats, now we need to choose what material is most suitable for your vehicle. Typically, we have around 15 ranges of Car Mats for each vehicle and each set has it's own unique selling point. Some Car Mats we offer are available in Rubber, some are Carpet based. We offer different grades of Rubber & Carpet too, as well as different patterns / designs. The question here is what do you prefer? Do you want the durability of a Rubber Car Mat set but would prefer the look and feel of a Carpet mat set? Although this sounds impossible, it's actually something we offer. Take a look at our 'Exclusive Tailored Car Mats', they're carpet based but have the durability of a Rubber Car Mat set. We do have other carpet based car mats too, depending on your budget, our Tailored Car Mats start from only £18.95. Choose from the UK's biggest selection of Carpet colours and grades and match your vehicles interior exactly. We also offer additional heel pad protection in both carpet and rubber. Check out the customisable options within each car mat product listing.

Maybe you prefer Rubber? Afterall, it's designed to be harder wearing and can be easily cleaned with a jet washer. We have various Rubber designs and thicknesses, check out the following ranges for Rubber: Standard Rubber Mats, Premium Rubber Car Mats and our new Executive Rubber Car Mats.

Step 3: Customising Your Car Mats...which grade should I choose?

So you've chosen your car mat range and now it's time to customise! There's so many choices, where do you even start? Well let's break it down, first things first, choose your grade of Carpet or Rubber. Remember the more you spend, the thicker and more durable your car mats will become. You'll also find, you may open up even more colour combinations when you choose to upgrade. We always recommend upgrading at least to the next grade of carpet or rubber. For example, if you're on a carpet car mat set and the base grade is 1580g (total weight*), the recommendation would be to upgrade to 2200g (total weight*). By upgrading to the 2200g, you're instantly doubling the carpet thickness, which means the durability, mat life and overall finish have all been doubled. The higher the grade, the thicker the car mats will be and the better the finish.

Step 4: Personlising Your Car Mats Further...time to add a splash of colour?

There's every chance you would prefer to keep things subtle. Maybe keep everything Black, Grey or Beige, to blend into your cars interior? could go all out there and pick a crazy combination of colours to represent your crazy personality?! Whatever you choose, take time to consider it. Whatever you choose for your Car Mats, it has to be right. We've been supplying high quality car mats for over 32 years so we've seen many weird and wonderful colour combinations. We know our customers choose carmats4u because of this very reason, you can go a little mad. Our only advice is to take your time, choose the what colours suit you and your car. If you're not the crazy type, you could choose something a little more subtle? Such as Black Car Mats, with a Black Trim and perhaps a White or Grey Cotton Stitch? (this is what we use to apply the trim). If you have a choice of Heel Pad colour, maybe keep it simple and match the Heel Pad to the main Carpet colour?

Step 5: Additional Car Mat Protection...what options are available as things could get messy!

Firstly, don't forget in step 1, we mentioned that you should look to upgrade the carpet or rubber grade by at least one. This is the first step is optimising your new car mats for additional durability. The next step is to look at our other car mat protection options such as our 'Diamondbrite Stain Protection' which is available for only £6.95. The Diamondbrite Carpet Stain Protection offers unbeatable protection for your car mats against any of the daily spills that may occur within your car. The Diamondbrite Stain Protection provides an invisible barrier and will help increase the longevity of your car mats. Water stains, coffee and so on are some of the most common and Diamondbrite will help protect against these. For £6.95, your durable car mats and protected even further. Secondly, have you chosen to upgrade your Heel Pad? If you're choosing to add a Heel Pad to your Car Mats, we recommend upgrading your Heel Pad material to Rubber. The Rubber Heel Pad is incredibly durable and in most cases, offers full width protection across the entire Drivers mat. When provided with a 'Full Width' Rubber Heel Pad option for only £7.99, please consider upgrading as you will as a result, increase your Drivers mat life by 3 times. The Full Width Heel Pad design is also patent protected so no other competitor can offer this to you! Our Car Mats last longer, much longer due to the patented processes we have available.

Step 6: Finishing Your New Car Mats...did you want to add text or a logo? Why the hell not?!

Wait!!!! Before you go any further, it's worth noting that if you do choose to customise your car mats by adding a logo or custom text, you will void your return as the car mats will no longer be in a resellable condition. For this reason we ask that you carefully consider this option. We want you to have the best car mats, we really do but please make sure your custom text or logo is correct when placing your order. We have various fonts, colours and designs for you to choose from so you can really bring your car mats to life! Personalise your tailored car mats with your name, your nickname, your cars nickname, who cares! As long as the text is not copyrighted in any way shape or form, that's a big no no! That means, unfortunately, you can't have the car brand name or model name, I know, it sucks but it's the law! Our personal recommendation when choosing to add a logo / text, go for the 'Icon' text option, it stands out and is perfectly placed out of the way of your feet. There's lots of cool car mat logo / text options for you to choose from!

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