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Buying UK Tailored Car Mats - Why it Matters

Don't buy anything less than UK Tailored Car Mats! Here's why!

When buying Tailored Car Mats from a UK supplier, you have the peace of mind that your Car Mats will be Tailored for your UK car. If you buy from an overseas Car Mat manufacturer, it's more likely that the Car Mats will be Tailored for a left hand drive. In the UK, we drive 'on the right side of the road' which is of course the left. But our steering wheel is on the right hand side of the vehicle. This is why your Tailored Car Mats need to be tailored for a right hand drive model. (unless of course, you actually drive a left hand drive!)

Why can't I buy Universal Car Mats...instead of Tailored Car Mats?

Well...you could buy Universal Car Mats, but...they won't be tailored for your specific make and model. This means that your car floor wells will not be effectively covered, so any dirt etc could still damage your cars original carpet. Also, there is a major safety issue when you choose to install Universal Car Mats. When you buy Tailored Car Mats, they are often supplied with the correct approved fixing system, allowing you to lock your Tailored Car Mats into place. Universal Car Mats are not supplied with the correct fixings, neither do they follow your car floor well contours, so they will likely slip around and they could fall beneath your pedals.

UK Manufactured Tailored Car Mats...trusted by some of the biggest car brands.

Carmats4u is a UK based Tailored Car Mat manufacturer with over 30 years experience. We have the UK's biggest range of Car Mat models with over 3000 currently available! We know our Cars and we know our Car Mats. We're also trusted by some of the UK's biggest car brands including MG.

Tailored Car Mats in Carpet & Rubber...we've got your car floor covered!

Whatever the quality, we have Car Mats in every colour, thickness and grade. We have Tailored Rubber Car Mats and Tailored Carpet Car Mats. Each can be personalised to match your requirements perfectly. You can add your own custom text or logo to your Tailored Mats, simply use the customisation options provided.

Find The Right Tailored Car Mats...use our new vehicle registration lookup

Enter your vehicle registration using the vehicle lookup feature and we'll confirm the correct fitting Tailored Car Mats, which are specifically designed for your vehicle. Your Tailored Car Mats will fit perfectly, ensuring 100% of the floor well area is covered. We will also supply the correct fixing system so your Tailored Floor Mats will fit perfectly, locking them directly into place.

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